Ammon Cunningham Urges Startups to Look Towards Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Launching a business is no easy task. When a startup needs to direct so many resources towards internal organization, it can be incredibly difficult to generate a buzz through external marketing. Ammon Cunningham, who is a business and entrepreneurial authority, urges people looking to start their own business to utilize social media. Social provides the perfect opportunity to connect with a mass audience with targeting that ensures you’re actually communicating with people who care.

There are many examples of startups who are utilizing social to generate a serious amount of buzz. Ammon Cunningham put together a few examples as lessons of what can be done through a solid social media plan.

Magic Leap – Magic Leap is the perfect example of a business that is generating an audience before people even realize what they do. The computing platform has released several different ads and boosted posts on Facebook with engaging content teasing the product that has yet to come. They have more than 60,000 people who have liked their Facebook page and more than 30,000 Twitter followers. When they do finally release the product online, they have a built in audience awaiting their information.

Operator – Most startups will feature an app of some sort to take advantage of the millions upon millions of users. Operator is no different. They are an app that allows users to interact with an expert in any subject matter before making a purchase. It is absolutely imperative for an app to market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant platform. When people are on their iPad or smart phone checking social media they are much more likely to download an app.

LiveList – Last, but certainly not least, is LiveList. This app focuses on helping people connect to performers when they are on stage. It takes advantage of the popularity of things like Facebook Live and Periscope. Through consistent content and a plethora of ads focused on showing off what LiveList can do, they have built an audience of more than 30,000 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These are just three examples of social media marketing helping startups, but the truth is most businesses can benefit from some sort of social media marketing plan. If your business hasn’t looked to developing a following on social, Ammon Cunningham urges you to start before you fall even further behind.