Let Ammon Cunningham Help You Create a Winning Mindset

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“There are always new, grander, challenges to confront, and true winners will embrace each one.”

 – Mia Hamm

When we talk about creating a winning mindset, a number of great athletes come to mind. From Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning to Arnold Palmer and Kobe Bryant, the list of winners goes on for miles. While many people will tell you that in order to be a winner and have a winner’s mindset, you need to have once been an athlete, that’s not entirely true. Yes, we have a lot to learn from athletes and their ability to persevere when times get hard, but entrepreneurial advisor, Ammon Cunningham, believes following these simple tips can also help you to create a winning mindset.

Never Shy Away from Inspiration
Sometimes, inspiration rarely comes easy. So when it does come, you should never shy away from it. In fact, you need to embrace it. Entrepreneurs that win allow themselves the time and space to be inspired and create. This is that time where new ideas come to fruition. This is that time when ideas are executed instead of extinguished. Whether it’s through reading a book or going for a walk, allow yourself the time to be inspired.

Accept that Success Takes Time
A great idea can happen at any time, instantly; however, executing that great idea does not just occur overnight. The plane, the lightbulb, even the iPhone, none of these inventions occurred overnight. Success takes time and allowing yourself to understand that helps your winning mindset develop. Winning and being successful are marathons, not sprints. There is no blueprint to guaranteed quick success.

Always Have an Appetite to Learn
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it helped make the entrepreneur millions. When it comes to one of the best qualities of successful entrepreneurs with winning mindsets, curiosity is definitely at the top of the list. Start with your questions, your 5 W’s (and the 1 H). Then continue to dig deep into solving those questions. The sooner you realize every question has a viable solution, you will grow your appetite to learn. The more you expand your knowledge, not just about your industry, but across a breadth of topics, the more adaptable you will become.


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