Ammon Cunningham’s Top 3 Areas of Focus for Developing a Great Corporate Culture

The key to any successful company isn’t the amount of business generated or the popularity of the brand. Yes, those are important factors, but they don’t make the business. What truly makes a company successful, impactful, and profitable is the company’s corporate culture. A company can rise or fall depending on how strong (or weak) the cultivated culture is. For that reason, entrepreneurial consultant, Ammon Cunningham decided to share his top 3 areas that companies need to focus on to develop a great corporate culture.

When we say “place” we are referring to two ideas: the placement of the business and the structure of the building. Deciding where to place your business can affect the culture of your company. Certain cities and locations do not creative conducive environments for your company, possibly counteracting the culture you are trying to create. The other aspect, the structure of the building, affects the flow of the business. Open architecture creates a more open and welcoming environment that allows for the free flowing of people and the fostering of ideas.

Having strong values is extremely important. Values are the equivalent to the heart of the company, the center of the culture, and what the business stands for. Company values are guidelines for behavior and set the precedent for expectations. An excellent example of a company value is emphasizing the importance of a “we” culture and not an “I” culture. Values should be communicated to all employees and reinforced continuously.

A company’s biggest asset is its people. Where the Place is the body and the Values are the heart, the People are the soul. It’s important that the people you hire share in the values and buy into your vision. Many employers shy away from tight recruitment procedures, but It’s okay to have a stringent policy. You want the best team of people to achieve the best results. When you have likeminded individuals working towards a common goal, you will begin to see how drastically your company culture improves. Your business becomes more efficient and your people become happier.

Developing a proper corporate culture is essential to the success of a business. Without it, you have a lifeless business that lacks a competitive advantage. For more tips on how you can improve your business, be sure to check back with my blogs frequently!

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