Embracing Entrepreneurial Creativity with Ammon Cunningham


Leadership, perseverance, passion, and dedication. When people are asked what they believe are the most important skills that an entrepreneur should have, the aforementioned four words are usually what most would answer. However, one word that is too often overlooked, yet extremely important to the process is creativity.

When we think of leaders, we tend to think of straight-laced, no funny business, high powered “suits” who check their imagination at the door before work. That type of mindset may have worked in the past, but in today’s society, it won’t get you too far. That is why Ammon Cunningham, an entrepreneurial advisor, believes that entrepreneurs who utilize their creativity are more set to succeed than their less creative counterparts.

As an entrepreneur, don’t you want to create an environment that forces people to think and constantly evolve? The last thing you want is a business that stays static with a staff that is bored with their job. Creativity solves problems, regardless if they are internal or external. People who think more analytically often come up with simpler ways to achieve maximum results because they are constantly thinking outside the box.  This type of thinking crosses borders and boundaries. Imagine how creative the first person who wanted to do business in a country other than their own had to be. See how far it has changed the world now?

Another reason that entrepreneurs should embrace their creativity is because it breeds innovation and if there is one thing we learned from companies like Apple and Nike, it’s that innovation leads to competitive advantages. Innovation not only meets expectations, but works to exceed them. Creativity helps to foster that level of achievement within an organization. That’s the type of thinking that you want to bring to your business.

If there is one thing that entrepreneurs understand, it’s how to develop and nurture something from the ground up. With creativity, you can nurture it, develop it, and grow it well beyond the untapped, raw potential it usually starts off as. Creativity is why we have planes, iPhones, or even electricity. Someone understood there was a better way to do things and created a way to get it done. Don’t stifle your creativity because you could be stifling the world’s next greatest business or idea.

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