Ammon Cunningham Gives Tips on Nailing Your Elevator Pitch as an Entrepreneur

Cheerful businessman discussing a new business project with the members of his team

You finally found a potential investor and you have less than a minute to sell them on your business. It’s the moment of truth. Will you sink or will you swim? You might think to yourself, “Well, I talk about my business all the time so this shouldn’t be any different”, but it is. The stakes are higher. What will you say to a potential investor on selling them about your business?

Ammon Cunningham, a business and entrepreneurial specialist, believes that as an entrepreneur, you should always have your elevator pitch ready. This is your 30 to 45 seconds to win over a potential investor or client. The ability to succinctly and concisely present the key selling points comes from knowing your business in and out. Ammon Cunningham has provided a few tips that he believes will help you on your next elevator pitch.

The most important aspect of your elevator pitch is getting your audience to care. If your audience doesn’t care and the engagement level isn’t there, you’ve already lost before you started. “What can you do for me”? That’s what your audience is asking and that’s what your presentation needs to answer. Create a value proposition, so that your audience can readily identify with you. How does your product or company solve a problem that the client has? Answering that creates engagement and value in your audience’s eyes. You need to present your company as valuable and yourself as credible.

Remember that elevator pitches are supposed to be short. Consider how long a typical elevator ride is and think of that as the amount of time you have to win over your audience. Packing too much information or details into that amount of time will leave your audience overwhelmed and with more questions than interest. Leave your audience wanting to know more about your company and invite them to find out more by partnering up or joining you. Your goal is to quickly and efficiently explain why they need your company or product; nothing else.

When it’s all said and done, have a call to action. Whether you gave this presentation to raise money or gain an investor, let it be known. Communicate what your exact needs and goals are. Don’t leave your audience wondering what the whole point of your presentation was.

With these tips from Ammon Cunningham, you should be able to properly prepare and execute your next elevator pitch. Be sure to check back frequently for more tips and information for entrepreneurs.

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