Ammon Cunnningham Provides Majors That Will Pay Dividends After College

Portrait of happy students in graduation gowns holding diplomas on university campus

When people head to college, they need to consider two different factors when selecting a major. Is it going to challenge them and bring out the best in them, and is the major going to lead to a job that is fulfilling both from a career standpoint and a monetary one. Ammon Cunningham has put together a list of majors in 2016 that are leading to some great jobs for students fresh out of college.

Computer Science – When you’re looking for a safe major, computer science is at the top of the list in 2016. The average computer science major makes more than $60,000 at their first job out of school. The average Computer Science major will eventually make $110,000 a year. It’s a great minor as well. If you have aspirations of doing well in the tech industry, Ammon Cunningham recommends being a major in business with a minor in computer science.

Electrical Engineering – Another safe major for those interested in some financial security is Electrical Engineering. The average electrical engineering major makes more than $65,000 at their first job out of college. The demand for these engineers remains high. The mid-career salary comes in at right around $110,000.

Education – Majoring in education can get you a lot more than just a job teaching a class or two. An education major can also help a person land a job as a translator, a coach, an administrative executive and more. The education major is perfect for anyone who enjoys sharing their gifts and talents.

Communication – A major in communication can have many different focuses. Students can focus in on public relations and advertising or publishing or even social media. Having the ability to write well, communicate clearly and interpret messages in a number of different ways is critical to a number of employers. A degree in communications is perfect for someone who is looking to keep their options.

Business – Nothing comes close to a business major for young entrepreneurs. Business majors can focus in on accounting, finance, marketing, sales, international business and more. A business degree will allow students the opportunity to find a job, garner some experience and keep going for a MBA on the table. Many top companies will actually pay to have their employees earn their MBA degree.