Let Ammon Cunningham Help You Create a Winning Mindset

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“There are always new, grander, challenges to confront, and true winners will embrace each one.”

 – Mia Hamm

When we talk about creating a winning mindset, a number of great athletes come to mind. From Michael Jordan and Peyton Manning to Arnold Palmer and Kobe Bryant, the list of winners goes on for miles. While many people will tell you that in order to be a winner and have a winner’s mindset, you need to have once been an athlete, that’s not entirely true. Yes, we have a lot to learn from athletes and their ability to persevere when times get hard, but entrepreneurial advisor, Ammon Cunningham, believes following these simple tips can also help you to create a winning mindset.

Never Shy Away from Inspiration
Sometimes, inspiration rarely comes easy. So when it does come, you should never shy away from it. In fact, you need to embrace it. Entrepreneurs that win allow themselves the time and space to be inspired and create. This is that time where new ideas come to fruition. This is that time when ideas are executed instead of extinguished. Whether it’s through reading a book or going for a walk, allow yourself the time to be inspired.

Accept that Success Takes Time
A great idea can happen at any time, instantly; however, executing that great idea does not just occur overnight. The plane, the lightbulb, even the iPhone, none of these inventions occurred overnight. Success takes time and allowing yourself to understand that helps your winning mindset develop. Winning and being successful are marathons, not sprints. There is no blueprint to guaranteed quick success.

Always Have an Appetite to Learn
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it helped make the entrepreneur millions. When it comes to one of the best qualities of successful entrepreneurs with winning mindsets, curiosity is definitely at the top of the list. Start with your questions, your 5 W’s (and the 1 H). Then continue to dig deep into solving those questions. The sooner you realize every question has a viable solution, you will grow your appetite to learn. The more you expand your knowledge, not just about your industry, but across a breadth of topics, the more adaptable you will become.


Cleaning Out Time-Wasting Habits

ammon cunninghamThe sun is shining, the weather is warming up, and the flowers are beginning to blossom. That could only mean one thing: spring is in the air. While you probably have your own list of spring cleaning that needs to be done around the house, from landscaping to donating old clothing, have you considered spring cleaning your bad business habits?

Entrepreneurial consultant, Ammon Cunningham, believes spring is the perfect time to start getting rid of old, time wasting, bad for business habits. As spring is the season of renewal, here are three bad habits that we need to toss out immediately.

Constantly Checking Emails
You’re a busy person. People need to get in touch with you and sometimes, the best way is through email. Whether it’s internal communications or business partners, you can expect a continuous influx of emails throughout the day. Checking your email as soon as you see a new one in your inbox is a huge time waster and messes up the flow of productivity. Unless you are expecting an emergency correspondence, set aside specific times in your day to check your email and only check during those times.

Refusing to Delegate
As an entrepreneur, you want to be able to do it all on your own. That’s why you became an entrepreneur, so you wouldn’t have to wait around for decisions to be made and someone else’s approval. However, if you take everything on by yourself, this not only takes away time from more meaningful projects but is the fastest way to stress yourself out in the process. Don’t be afraid to delegate certain tasks to responsible members of your team.

Waiting for Perfection
Running your own business or brand, you always want things to go as planned. It’s your name, your baby, and your company at stake. Let’s face it, perfection does not exist. We can get as close as possible to it, but we never achieve it. Waiting around for every detail to be in order will eventually add up to becoming a huge waste of your precious time. The search for perfection has a paralyzing effect. Don’t fall victim to it.

Ammon Cunningham’s Top 3 Areas of Focus for Developing a Great Corporate Culture

The key to any successful company isn’t the amount of business generated or the popularity of the brand. Yes, those are important factors, but they don’t make the business. What truly makes a company successful, impactful, and profitable is the company’s corporate culture. A company can rise or fall depending on how strong (or weak) the cultivated culture is. For that reason, entrepreneurial consultant, Ammon Cunningham decided to share his top 3 areas that companies need to focus on to develop a great corporate culture.

When we say “place” we are referring to two ideas: the placement of the business and the structure of the building. Deciding where to place your business can affect the culture of your company. Certain cities and locations do not creative conducive environments for your company, possibly counteracting the culture you are trying to create. The other aspect, the structure of the building, affects the flow of the business. Open architecture creates a more open and welcoming environment that allows for the free flowing of people and the fostering of ideas.

Having strong values is extremely important. Values are the equivalent to the heart of the company, the center of the culture, and what the business stands for. Company values are guidelines for behavior and set the precedent for expectations. An excellent example of a company value is emphasizing the importance of a “we” culture and not an “I” culture. Values should be communicated to all employees and reinforced continuously.

A company’s biggest asset is its people. Where the Place is the body and the Values are the heart, the People are the soul. It’s important that the people you hire share in the values and buy into your vision. Many employers shy away from tight recruitment procedures, but It’s okay to have a stringent policy. You want the best team of people to achieve the best results. When you have likeminded individuals working towards a common goal, you will begin to see how drastically your company culture improves. Your business becomes more efficient and your people become happier.

Developing a proper corporate culture is essential to the success of a business. Without it, you have a lifeless business that lacks a competitive advantage. For more tips on how you can improve your business, be sure to check back with my blogs frequently!

Ammon Cunningham’s Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for Entrepreneurs

The ball has dropped. The confetti is cleaned up. It’s the beginning of a new year. Congratulations! Through the ups and the downs your business has survived to see another year. Now that the calendars are reset and the 2016 record books are closed, you have a whole new set of 365 days to improve upon your strategy as an entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you’re constantly looking for ways to remain visible and profitable, often sacrificing your own health and time.  Ammon Cunningham, a consulting specialist in entrepreneurial ventures, believes that your 2017 New Year’s resolutions should reflect your efforts in creating a good work-life balance. Here he outlines a few resolutions for every type of entrepreneur to consider in the New Year.

Resolution 1: Health Comes First
If you became an entrepreneur to make your own schedule and work when you want, then I’m sure by now you realize how wrong you were. As entrepreneurs, we have these demanding schedules that often find us at our computers more than enjoying all that life has to offer. Sometimes we also end up sacrificing our health at the expense of building our brand. That can’t happen. Trying to effectively run a business while you’re exhausted, burnt out, or in a hospital bed is nearly impossible. Make a promise to put your health first this year, physically and mentally.

Resolution 2: Build your Network
The landscape of business nowadays is all about who you know. From your rolodex of phone numbers to your number of followers on social media, your network is important to brand exposure and the vitality of your business. Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of building their brand right when they need it and not all along. Consider joining professional networks and associations and take advantage of local networking events within your industry. When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you will begin to learn helpful tips that you otherwise might have never found out. It’s worth it.

Resolution 3: Continue to Educate Yourself
One thing we often overlook is the need to continue educating ourselves. Pay attention to world news, entrepreneurial experts, industry blogs, and leading experts to keep up to date on what is going in your industry and the world around you. Furthermore, consider taking classes. There are plenty of inexpensive options at local colleges or online courses. It could never hurt to take advantage of one of these.

The New Year is a time to learn from past mistakes and work towards being better going forward. Use this New Year and these three resolutions to get your started on making 2017 your best entrepreneurial year yet.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Creativity with Ammon Cunningham


Leadership, perseverance, passion, and dedication. When people are asked what they believe are the most important skills that an entrepreneur should have, the aforementioned four words are usually what most would answer. However, one word that is too often overlooked, yet extremely important to the process is creativity.

When we think of leaders, we tend to think of straight-laced, no funny business, high powered “suits” who check their imagination at the door before work. That type of mindset may have worked in the past, but in today’s society, it won’t get you too far. That is why Ammon Cunningham, an entrepreneurial advisor, believes that entrepreneurs who utilize their creativity are more set to succeed than their less creative counterparts.

As an entrepreneur, don’t you want to create an environment that forces people to think and constantly evolve? The last thing you want is a business that stays static with a staff that is bored with their job. Creativity solves problems, regardless if they are internal or external. People who think more analytically often come up with simpler ways to achieve maximum results because they are constantly thinking outside the box.  This type of thinking crosses borders and boundaries. Imagine how creative the first person who wanted to do business in a country other than their own had to be. See how far it has changed the world now?

Another reason that entrepreneurs should embrace their creativity is because it breeds innovation and if there is one thing we learned from companies like Apple and Nike, it’s that innovation leads to competitive advantages. Innovation not only meets expectations, but works to exceed them. Creativity helps to foster that level of achievement within an organization. That’s the type of thinking that you want to bring to your business.

If there is one thing that entrepreneurs understand, it’s how to develop and nurture something from the ground up. With creativity, you can nurture it, develop it, and grow it well beyond the untapped, raw potential it usually starts off as. Creativity is why we have planes, iPhones, or even electricity. Someone understood there was a better way to do things and created a way to get it done. Don’t stifle your creativity because you could be stifling the world’s next greatest business or idea.

Ammon Cunningham Gives Tips on Nailing Your Elevator Pitch as an Entrepreneur

Cheerful businessman discussing a new business project with the members of his team

You finally found a potential investor and you have less than a minute to sell them on your business. It’s the moment of truth. Will you sink or will you swim? You might think to yourself, “Well, I talk about my business all the time so this shouldn’t be any different”, but it is. The stakes are higher. What will you say to a potential investor on selling them about your business?

Ammon Cunningham, a business and entrepreneurial specialist, believes that as an entrepreneur, you should always have your elevator pitch ready. This is your 30 to 45 seconds to win over a potential investor or client. The ability to succinctly and concisely present the key selling points comes from knowing your business in and out. Ammon Cunningham has provided a few tips that he believes will help you on your next elevator pitch.

The most important aspect of your elevator pitch is getting your audience to care. If your audience doesn’t care and the engagement level isn’t there, you’ve already lost before you started. “What can you do for me”? That’s what your audience is asking and that’s what your presentation needs to answer. Create a value proposition, so that your audience can readily identify with you. How does your product or company solve a problem that the client has? Answering that creates engagement and value in your audience’s eyes. You need to present your company as valuable and yourself as credible.

Remember that elevator pitches are supposed to be short. Consider how long a typical elevator ride is and think of that as the amount of time you have to win over your audience. Packing too much information or details into that amount of time will leave your audience overwhelmed and with more questions than interest. Leave your audience wanting to know more about your company and invite them to find out more by partnering up or joining you. Your goal is to quickly and efficiently explain why they need your company or product; nothing else.

When it’s all said and done, have a call to action. Whether you gave this presentation to raise money or gain an investor, let it be known. Communicate what your exact needs and goals are. Don’t leave your audience wondering what the whole point of your presentation was.

With these tips from Ammon Cunningham, you should be able to properly prepare and execute your next elevator pitch. Be sure to check back frequently for more tips and information for entrepreneurs.

Busting Entrepreneurial Myths with Ammon Cunningham

What Every Entrepreneur Must Know and other newspaper headlines advising new or small business owners about important tips, advice and information on running a company
Heading down the road of entrepreneurial ventures can be a path filled with both excitement and mystery. On one hand, you have an exciting new idea that you feel can change the world for the better. On the other hand, you don’t know what to expect. You’ve heard every horror story imaginable about the hard work other entrepreneurs have put into their business just for it to fail.

According to Ammon Cunningham, majority of entrepreneurial failures come due to the belief in myths and naysayers. Being able to sort through the mess of myths that plague the entrepreneurial world can help you find a better sense of comfort in your business. The following are the top 4 common myths that are associated with entrepreneurs.

1. You are Your Own Boss
One of the most attractive aspects of being an entrepreneur is the belief that you don’t have to report to anyone but yourself. Negative. As an entrepreneur, you have a list of suppliers, creditors, investors, and most importantly, your customers, to report to. There is a sort of freedom that comes with running your own business, but being your own boss is not one.

2. If It Works for Them, it Will Work For You
Applying the “good for the goose, good for the gander” mentality to approaching your business will leave you scratching your head in confusion as to why your business is failing. When has one idea ever worked completely across the board without needing to be tweaked a little? There are no such things as “cookie-cutter” business models in entrepreneurship. Creating a strategy that yields results for your particular business takes time, research, and a complete understanding of how your service or product fits into its industry.

3. Entrepreneurs Stress Less.
For some reason, people believe that owning your own company is less stressful than being an employee for someone else. The exact opposite is true. Starting and growing your own business comes with perks and the rewarding feeling is unmatched; however, you are responsible for every aspect of that business running smoothly. Where employees can opt to leave the problems of their job at their job, you need to constantly resolve problems and think of ways that can grow your business. Choosing to become an entrepreneur to reduce your stress levels is not the route to go.

4. It’s Easy to Get Rich
If your sole reason for starting a business is to reap all the riches and glory the world has to offer, then you will be sorely disappointed. There are financial benefits to being your own boss, but at the same time, there are extreme risks that do come with the territory. One issue that faces many entrepreneurs is their belief that they will immediately start making money and living the good life. That is just simply not true. Operating a profitable business takes time and patience. You may lose money before you make money, but don’t consider yourself a failure. Consider it growing pains and continue to press forward within reason.

Ammon Cunningham believes that tackling these 4 myths first will help your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. Sorting your way through the pile of myths that are throughout the entrepreneurship world will help you in the long run on the growth of your business.

Ammon Cunnningham Provides Majors That Will Pay Dividends After College

Portrait of happy students in graduation gowns holding diplomas on university campus

When people head to college, they need to consider two different factors when selecting a major. Is it going to challenge them and bring out the best in them, and is the major going to lead to a job that is fulfilling both from a career standpoint and a monetary one. Ammon Cunningham has put together a list of majors in 2016 that are leading to some great jobs for students fresh out of college.

Computer Science – When you’re looking for a safe major, computer science is at the top of the list in 2016. The average computer science major makes more than $60,000 at their first job out of school. The average Computer Science major will eventually make $110,000 a year. It’s a great minor as well. If you have aspirations of doing well in the tech industry, Ammon Cunningham recommends being a major in business with a minor in computer science.

Electrical Engineering – Another safe major for those interested in some financial security is Electrical Engineering. The average electrical engineering major makes more than $65,000 at their first job out of college. The demand for these engineers remains high. The mid-career salary comes in at right around $110,000.

Education – Majoring in education can get you a lot more than just a job teaching a class or two. An education major can also help a person land a job as a translator, a coach, an administrative executive and more. The education major is perfect for anyone who enjoys sharing their gifts and talents.

Communication – A major in communication can have many different focuses. Students can focus in on public relations and advertising or publishing or even social media. Having the ability to write well, communicate clearly and interpret messages in a number of different ways is critical to a number of employers. A degree in communications is perfect for someone who is looking to keep their options.

Business – Nothing comes close to a business major for young entrepreneurs. Business majors can focus in on accounting, finance, marketing, sales, international business and more. A business degree will allow students the opportunity to find a job, garner some experience and keep going for a MBA on the table. Many top companies will actually pay to have their employees earn their MBA degree.



Ammon Cunningham Urges Startups to Look Towards Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Launching a business is no easy task. When a startup needs to direct so many resources towards internal organization, it can be incredibly difficult to generate a buzz through external marketing. Ammon Cunningham, who is a business and entrepreneurial authority, urges people looking to start their own business to utilize social media. Social provides the perfect opportunity to connect with a mass audience with targeting that ensures you’re actually communicating with people who care.

There are many examples of startups who are utilizing social to generate a serious amount of buzz. Ammon Cunningham put together a few examples as lessons of what can be done through a solid social media plan.

Magic Leap – Magic Leap is the perfect example of a business that is generating an audience before people even realize what they do. The computing platform has released several different ads and boosted posts on Facebook with engaging content teasing the product that has yet to come. They have more than 60,000 people who have liked their Facebook page and more than 30,000 Twitter followers. When they do finally release the product online, they have a built in audience awaiting their information.

Operator – Most startups will feature an app of some sort to take advantage of the millions upon millions of users. Operator is no different. They are an app that allows users to interact with an expert in any subject matter before making a purchase. It is absolutely imperative for an app to market on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other relevant platform. When people are on their iPad or smart phone checking social media they are much more likely to download an app.

LiveList – Last, but certainly not least, is LiveList. This app focuses on helping people connect to performers when they are on stage. It takes advantage of the popularity of things like Facebook Live and Periscope. Through consistent content and a plethora of ads focused on showing off what LiveList can do, they have built an audience of more than 30,000 across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These are just three examples of social media marketing helping startups, but the truth is most businesses can benefit from some sort of social media marketing plan. If your business hasn’t looked to developing a following on social, Ammon Cunningham urges you to start before you fall even further behind.